Unlike undertaking a traditional home, office build or renovation project, where you are left to coordinate and negotiate between building contractors, planners, architects, interior designers and others involved in your project, Deskco’s turnkey service manages these stakeholders on your behalf. Our turnkey service provides you with the luxury of being involved only in the most interesting aspects of your project.

Commissioning Deskco funriture for a full turnkey project often has the benefits of bringing your project to life, much more quickly and cost-effectively than hiring independent Architects, Interior Designers and Builders. We supply all these services under one roof, oversee the design, project costs and most importantly guarantee the final quality and look of your turn-key project.

Made to measure, made to impress !

More than 25 Beds to Choose From
Multiple Storage Options
Upto 3 year warranty

To bring your vision to life, you’ll meet with one of our talented Design Consultants to map out your expectations and create a clear brief. Our multi-disciplined team utilise over 15 years of experience, a meticulous attention to detail and a combined passion for making our clients dreams come true. All projects, including the big and the small, are handled with the same level of calibre and customer support


More than 25 Beds to Choose From


Feedback is naturally taken on board, you’ll have the opportunity to make two revisions to the design to perfect the presentations and secure your approval.

Multiple Storage Options


At this point, our collaborative team will procure your approval for the innovative concept and the various products selected in the presentation.

Upto 3 year warranty


Your orders are then confirmed and sent to our skilled production team to create your dream space.

Our interior design team will visit your residence or commercial property to take room measurements in order to better understand the potential of your space and to make sure your selected furniture fits perfectly. If required one of our talented Interior Designers can also be present on site. An Interior Designer will then create drawings on AutoCAD within 48 hours of the site visit, in order to better establish the room layout using the accurate measurements.


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