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Modular furniture is a great way of customizing your furniture to your needs, think about what you need, where you want draws, cupboards or shelves and off you go. Every house and person is different and you can’t always get the furniture you want in the room or place you want it. This is where modular furniture allows you to customize and build around features that might ordinarily get in the way. There is a need for modular furniture because modular article of furniture is made pre prepared created furniture which may be used per the requirement and area spacing. It’s straight forward to put in and dismantle per need and it provides trendy look to workplace. Modular is a smaller amount in compare to its utility. Put in and destroyed briefly amount of your time, simple to move, are often put in in line with use alternatively and it bring fashionable look and feel within the space.

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What We Are ?

Today’s, in changing lifestyles, most of us spend maximum time at work place, and Long hours of working unknowingly has become part of our life. Deskco Furniture established in business with the objective – to deliver comfortable , sturdy and healthy workplace environment, - to undertake furnishing the workplace with all kind of furniture and fixtures as well as any type of interior works.
Deskco Furniture run by professionals having experience of more than 15 years of furniture industry.
Designing and upgrading the product with new materials is a constant process with us.


We're leading modular office furniture manufacturers and supplier in Indian & Abroad.We product office workstation, office chairs, office tables, sofa and much more.

DESKCO’s expert know-how at the service of your fit-out projects

Quality Quality and integrity underpin every project we undertake. We do everything in-house. How our furniture work and feel on the inside is as important as how they look from the outside. Everything comes with a guarantee.

Design We offer FREE design appointments with one of our experienced designers. They will work with you to create your perfect design, something well considered that will delight you for years to come

Service Your Made Interiors designer will update you every step of the way, including organizing room surveys, informing you when your job goes into production, and planning your installation date.

Why choose DESKCO ?

A creative brand inspired by Indian design

100% We know-how, quality guaranteed Committed to an eco-responsible approach

Furniture designed in response to new working modes and to ensure the wellbeing of employees

Mastery of project fit-out processes in tertiary sector spaces: from furniture design and conception to manufacturing and installation guidance.

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